Kingdom Lifestyle Wellness & Weight Loss Program- online​

Are you frustrated with your current weight or state of health? Maybe your overwhelmed and want to find more joy, peace, and happiness. Well, then the Kingdom Lifestyle Wellness Program is for you. 

Health is precious, and life is a gift that we must learn to enjoy every day. You only get to go through this experience called life once. However, due to a variety of painful life experiences, we begin to look at this life as a burden, full of grief and sadness. This is not the life that you God divinely gave you to enjoy.

We believe that you were born to be a King and Queen and to dominate in your area of gifting. We genuinely believe that we all have a gift and a story to share with the world. However, we get so many negative experiences that drown out this story or prevent us from realizing this gift. And many of us decide to mask and cover these deep needs with overeating, leading to obesity, diabetes, amongst other physical and emotional issues. We as adults due to a lack of time tend to push ourselves to the back burner to attend to our various responsibilities as adults

Its time to break that cycle. Its time for us to renew our mind, change our thinking and behaviors to change our lifestyle. Its time to live as citizens of the Kingdom of God and find the peace, joy, and wellness we deserve. 

The Kingdom Wellness & Weight Loss series will show you step by step on how to create a program that works for your unique circumstances.

  • We will show you how to
  • Find a diet that works for you over the long term
  • Develop an exercise routine you can do from the comfort of your home
  • The benefits and how to obtain quality sleep
  • How to fix a broken relationship and find more loving support
  • How to manage your emotions not only to lose weight but achieve joy and peace.
  • And Much More.

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