Its Time to Escape your Internal Prison and start living your best life now, and you hold the key.

Are you overweight and feeling overwhelmed about which direction to go? Are you tired of trying and failing the l​​​​atest sure weight loss programs that leave you weighing more than you started? Tired of feeling like a prisoner to your diet but don't have the time to fix it? 

Health and Wellness Coach

Just know that you are not alone. We all are struggling with these same issues of improving our diet and health. As we age and take on more responsibilities, it becomes difficult to eat healthy in a way that fits into our lives.

Written by Family Nurse Practitioner and author Brandon D. Pervis Sr., MSN

  • No one is coming to fix your diet and save you. To change your nutrition and health is 100%, your responsibility. Here is another fact: You can accomplish amazing things that you set your mind to achieving; it all starts with you changing how you think. Anything that you think about consistently, you will act out in your life. Anything that you do invariably will lead to habit formation, which is how you became a prisoner to your diet in the first place, bad nutrition ideas.
  • So if you are up to here with feeling defeat, overweight, depressed, and overwhelmed, you can become your self-health coach and make it out. How do I know this to be true? Because I have been there myself, obese, depressed, and confused with no direction about how to change my diet and, more importantly, my life.
  • Until one day I said enough is enough, I can't live like this anymore. With a negative environment around me and only my faith in God and my son to inspire me, I made it out of my self-made prison, called my body. Then I came back to show other patients like myself at my office "The Never Stop Learning Center for Primary Care" the steps I took, and to my amazement, it worked for them as well. Not only did they lose weight, but they found the same joy and peace I experienced.

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Deep down inside our souls, we know that we are created powerful beyond measure by a wonderful creator. However, somewhere along the lines, whether from our environment, parents, social media, we stop believing it, and we start to settle. We buy into the dream of external factors that will make us happy, peaceful, and joyous. Before long, we realize we went the wrong direction and ended up somewhere we don't want to be. Not having our deep needs met, we tend to do what we do best overeat according to our appetite, not true hunger pains. Next thing we know, we are overweight, depressed, and have many responsibilities that don't afford us the time to fix it. We try every possible fad diet and program on the market but end up more overweight than when we started. So we lose hope and quit, settling for less than our true lifestyle as Kings and Queens.

Written by Family Nurse Practitioner and author Brandon Pervis Sr, More Than A Diet Book will show you how to:

  • What are the critical components to a proper healthy diet
  • Tips and ways to eat healthy while raising a family
  • How to develop an exercise plan that works for you
  • Why quality sleep is essential and how to obtain it
  • How to create a supportive, loving team around you
  • The importance of reducing your stress and managing your emotions for weight loss
  • How to develop good habits and more self-disciple
  • Increase your self-esteem and belief in yourself
  • How to improve your relationship with God/creator

By reading More than A Diet Book, you will be able to:

  • Guide yourself to develop a diet plan that works for your lifestyle
  • Improve toxic relationships in your life
  • Identify ways of eating that works for your goals
  • Gain more hope about the future living forward
  • Be more confident in yourself and your ability to lose weight
  • Gain more peace, joy, and love in your life
  • And a whole lot more!

If we fail to take accountability and live our best life now, we not only short change ourselves but God and those that depend on us. We all struggle through problems that only we know intimately, but we share the same tools to fix it, our mind, and our connection to God and others. All we need to change is the right information to change it. Let us start changing our diets and our life today!

Get started changing your diet and lifestyle today with More Than a Diet Book. Your best life is waiting for you. Click Here and press BUY NOW.

Please note that this is the participant guide used at the Never Stop learning Center for Primary Care weight loss and lifestyle series. While it does cover numerous diets and topics, including intermittent fasting, it is not exhaustive. It is not comprehensive. It for weight loss participants getting started on the program. For more information and particulars, please see the Health Center.

Also, note this book does cover spiritual topics, including Jehovah God and references to the bible. Its primary focus is getting you to connect with your core beliefs and is not prescriptive.

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