I am an author by night and a Family Nurse Practitioner by day. I am dedicated to Never Stop Learning because Life Never Stops Teaching.

Written by Family Nurse Practitioner and author

Brandon D. Pervis Sr., MSN

Here is the Extended, more Professional Sounding Version.

Brandon has dedicated his entire life to the pursuit of truth and life long learning. Ever since a boy growing up in New Haven, CT, he has wanted to impact his community positively. Witnessing his family become nurses and care for patients, he quickly decided his dream was to one day open a community health center.

After graduating from Wilbur Cross High School, he was determined to become a nurse practitioner. He enrolled and graduated from St. Vincent's College nursing program as one of the youngest RN at 19 years old. After school, he started his career, taking a similar path as his birth. He began working local hospital where he was born caring for general surgical and trauma patients suffering from the ongoing violence of his community. "Witnessing the trauma and devastation that gun violence cause it increased my ambition to be the change I wanted to see," he says now. To have an impact earlier on and serve as a role model of   

prevention, he decided it was time to move forward and continue to learn how he can help.

He quickly decided the best way to impact prevention would be to care for families in the areas where they live. He began working at the local clinic he attended as a child.  This experience had a lasting impact on him as well as the patients themselves. Serving as a nurse manager her changed the delivery of women and pediatric health, being awarded a Florence Nightingale Award for Nursing Excellence.

The experience also had a lasting impact on Brandon and his dream of becoming a Nurse Practitioner and opening his clinic. While working, he continued to educate himself and Never Stop Learning, obtaining his bachelor, Masters in Nursing Education. Culminating in him receiving his Family Nurse Practitioner degree from Sacred Heart University in 2014.

While most would be content, Brandon was not satisfied and continued to learn and grow. He continued to learn the ins and outs of the health care system, later becoming an independent Nurse Practitioner. Finally, in 2017 he realized his dream and, along with his brother, opened The Never Stop Learning Center for Primary Care. The centers model is to put the care back in health care. The center provides the latest strategies and evidence to impact patients, and their families live positively.

Brandon's dedication, resilience, and integrity to provide the same care he would give his own family has been evident in the programs offered to the patients. The latest installment of this integrity and resilience showing in their most recent program The Never Stop Learning Lifestyle Series presents The Kingdom Wellness Program. The plan started after Brandon decided to improve his weight and health. Losing 40 lbs and finding more joy and peace, he decided to share his secrets with his patients, who began to experience the same weight loss, comfort, and peace as well.

Encouraged by his patients and faith in Jehovah God, he decided to document the steps finally and release his Amazon book title More Than A Diet Book: 7 Steps I took to lose 40 lbs, find joy and peace while working 40 hours.

Brandon continues to reside in Connecticut with his son. He is also involved with youth sports, coaching his son's basketball teams at multiple recreation centers.

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